Doctoral Fellow  

Pauline Ann Hoath is working on a thesis entitled “When Domestic Space meets Imperial Space”. With a starting point in amateur photographs from the 1920s, taken by a young British soldier stationed in India and the Middle East, and drawing on theories from the fields of visual culture, visual anthropology, history and memory studies, it will seek to write an alternative history to accepted national ones. It will, moreover, reflect on the ways in which photographs acquire historical meaning. Hoath holds a masters degree in Art History from the University of Bergen. Her thesis “Crossing Boundaries: A contextualization of Antony Gormley’s Angel of the North” is an exploration of the installation Angel of the North (1998) as a place and space.  Hoath has published articles on amateur photography and environmental art. In November 2010 she was one of two guest editors for a themed edition on art and landscape for the journal Kunst og Kultur (Art and Culture). Her interests include Neo-classical sculpture and the aesthetics of exhibition. Under publication is an article on the display of John Flaxman’s sculptures at University College London in the forthcoming book Sculpture and the Museum. Hoath has translated a number of art historical texts from Norwegian for publication in English.