06.09.18 - 07.09.18

The Visual Culture and Ethics Workshop

Centre Universitaire de Norvège à Paris, CUNP

September 6-7, 2018


Venue: 54, Boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris.

Salle B1-18, 1. floor



Thursday September 6 

10.00 Words of Welcome.

10.15 Marq Smith (University College London): "Observance, Notes Towards Decipherability."

11.15 Tonje Sørensen (University of Bergen): "The Scorched Earth of 1944 and The Question of Iconoclastic Gestures."

13.30 Ane Tryggeseid (University of Bergen): “Reshooting Columbine: Fictionalizing US Gun Massacres in American Cinema."

14.00 Virginia Lázaro (Complutense University of Madrid): “An analysis of digital images as iconoclastic devices.”

15.00 Ksenia Fedorova (Humboldt University): “Value tokens: between sensing, figuring and making sense."

15.30 Asbjørn Grønstad (University of Bergen): Rough sketch of a research proposal on ethics and visuality.

Friday September 7

10.00 Øyvind Vågnes (University of Bergen): “Passing By: March 11 and the Incidence of Memory.”

10.30 Magda Szczesniak & Lukasz Zaremba (University of Warsaw): “Sudden Visibility: Conservative Iconoclasm in Contemporary Poland.”

11.00 Frances Guerin (University of Kent): “Discursive sites of Memory: Steel as Industry and Art in Duisburg Landschaftspark.”

13.30 Asbjørn Grønstad: Discussion of article, “Conservatism and risk-taking in peer review: Emerging ERC practices” (in Research Evaluation, 21. 1 (2012): 48-60).