19.04.17 - 19.04.17

The Theo Angelopoulos Symposium

The Norwegian Institute, Athens, April 19, 2017



09.45 Welcome and Coffee 

10.00 Angelos Koutsourakis, University of Leeds, "Angelopoulos and the Persistence of Modernism"

11.00 Panayiota Mini, University of Crete, "Angelopoulos's Greece"

11.45 Asbjørn Grønstad, University of Bergen, "Angelopoulos, Akomfrah, and 'The Elsewhere of the Image’"

12.30 Lunch 

14.00 Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, University of New South Wales, "Children and European Mobility: Visions of Now in the Films of Angelopoulos"

14.45 Øyvind Vågnes, University of Bergen, "Never at Rest Until It Unites With the Sea: Water in the Trilogy of Borders"

15.30 Mark Ledbetter, University of Bergen, "The Not So 'Solid State' of Surround Sound: Making Meaning in Mono in Angelopoulous’s Eternity and a Day"

18.00 Andrew Horton & Elly Petrides in Conversation

20.00 Dinner


Practical Information

Getting to Guest House and the Norwegian Institute in Athens

The easiest, but the most expensive way to get from the airport to the center of Athens, where the Institute and the guesthouse are, is by taxi. During normal operating hours (7am-12pm) your rate should be c. 35-40 euros (it goes up to 57 euros after midnight) *per taxi*. Most of the taxi drivers will know where the Herodion Hotel is, but if they do not, the hotel is located in Rovertou Galli 4 street, in the part of Athens called Makriyanni. 

If you choose to save money travel into Athens by metro. You need to buy a special airport ticket sold at the airport metro stop (costs 10 euros individually, but discounts are available for groups--ask at the counter). Once in the metro (blue line), you will need to get off at the *Syntagma* stop (c. 35-40 minutes ride from the airport) and change trains to catch the Red Line (or line No 2) in the direction of *Elliniko*. You need to travel only one stop and get off at the *Acropolis Station*. Once you get out of the metro you will see the imposing structure of the Acropolis Museum. The Herodion hotel and the guesthouse are c. 5 min walk from there. You can reach them by going down (the terrain gently slopes) until you reach the first through-traffic street (Chatzichristou). You need to turn right  and follow the Chatzichristou street until it splits into two streets: Kavalloti (the guesthouse) and Rovertou Galli (Herodion). You'll be able to see the hotel sign from there.

The Institute is located literally two blocks from the guesthouse. Here's a simple map with all the important points marked: