19.10.14 - 21.10.14


Asbjørn and I are pleased to welcome you to this 2014 Symposium on “Faces and the Phenomenology of the Face.” Our gathering is a second iteration of a partnership between the Nomadikon community of Bergen University in Bergen, Norway and The Center for the Ethics of Seeing located on The College of Saint Rose campus in Albany, New York. The first U.S. conference/symposium of this type was held in Albany, and it was a tremendous success. We have not doubt that our gathering here in Athens, Georgia will set the bar for imaginative and engaging conversation even higher.  Our most sincere hope is that when you leave our three-night, two-day conversation about issues and ideas of “Face,” that you will say, “I want to do that again.” And if that’s the case, we will.

Please do not hesitate to talk to either of us if you perceive or experience any problems whatsoever. We hope to make our gathering in Athens not only a time of insightful conversation where we learn from one another but also a seamless experience of engagement that encourages community among friends old and new.  Again, welcome to Athens. We are pleased that you are here.


Asbjørn Grønstad

Mark Ledbetter


Welcoming Reception:  Sunday October 19, 6:00-7:30, Suite 304


Monday, October 20

Session I, Monday, 9:00-12:30, Galleria I



Cassandra Falke, University of Tromso, Norway: "One Face: In Painting and in Person"  



Lucy Bowditch, The College of Saint Rose: “Making the Unseen Seen in the Imagination and the Body: Challenging Faces in the Paintings of Mark Greenwold and Mark Gilbert”  


11:00-11:15, Coffee Break



Nick Sciullo, Georgia State University: “The Face of Law: Visual Metaphors Misapplied”


Session II, Monday, 1:45-6:00, Galleria I


Maria-Carolina Cambre, University of Western Ontario, Canada: "Intensive/reflective oscillations: The face that launched a thousand…"  



Steven M. Specht, Utica College: “Pareidolia in the visual arts: Cognitive considerations in creative collage compositions”  


3:45-4:00, Coffee Break



Robert Shane, The College of Saint Rose. “Reflections on Time: The Face in the Mirror”



Susan Cumings, University at Albany, SUNY: “Face On, Face Off”  


Tuesday, October 21

Session III, Galleria I



Stephen Daniel Mills, Clayton State University: “Emmanuel Lévinas' Face-to-Face with Erasmus: The Physiognomy of Hans Holbein’s Illustrations for the Praise of Folly”  



Carolyn Jones Medine, University of Georgia: “St. Clare of Assisi, Levinas, and the Face of the Other”  


11:00-11:15, Coffee Break



Romain Delaville , University of Pennsylvania: “Raphaël Confiant, Max Elisée and the face of Chabinité”  



Theresa Flanigan, The College of Saint Rose: “Phenomenology of the Face: The Face as the Site for ‘Sympathetic Action’ (or Empathy) from Aristotle to the Renaissance”  


Session IV, Tuesday, Galleria I 


Asbjørn Grønstad, The University of Bergen: “'Every Form is a Face looking at us:' The Ethical Encounter in Kiarostami's Shirin"  


3:30-3:45, Coffee Break


Brandon Arroyo, Concordia University: “The Queer of a Thousand Faces: Chris Crocker and the Making of a Transindividual Celebrity”  



Mark Ledbetter, The College of Saint Rose: "Lost in Face: Seeing Through the Reflection"