20.02.09 - 21.02.09

The First Nomadikon Meeting

Bergen, Norway


Venue: Terminus Hotel

Room: Bull (down from the lobby).




Friday February 20

12.45: Registration.

13.00 Words of welcome.

13.15 Eivind Røssaak (National Library in Oslo): ”Confronting Images.” 

13.45 Tonje Sørensen (University of Bergen): "Visualizing the Fallen: the re-creation of the War Memorial in the Digital age."


14.15 Coffee Break.


14.45 Aud Sissel Hoel (NTNU, Trondheim): "Photographic Difference." 

15.15 Arild Fetveit (University of Copenhagen): “Photographic Mapping."


17.30 Keynote Lecture: Matthias Bruhn (Humboldt University): "From Visual Ecology to Visual Economics – and Back Again."


20.00 Dinner (Naboen).



Saturday February 21


9.00 Holger Pötzsch (University of Tromsø): “Challenging the Border as a Barrier: Liminality in Terrence Malick's The Thin Red Line.”

9.30 Øyvind Vågnes (University of Bergen): "Picturing Poses: The Films of Errol Morris."


10.00 Coffee Break.


10.30 Liv Hausken (University of Oslo): “The Visualization of Detection in Forensic Fiction."

11.00 Erlend Lavik (University of Bergen): ”The Strange Case of The Wire.”


12.00 Lunch Break (Bølgen & Moi).


13.30 Henrik Gustafsson (Stockholm University): “Imageographics.”

14.00 Frida Beckman (Uppsala University): "Visualizing The Edges: Rethinking Metafictionality Through Graphic Fiction."

14.30 Sara Brinch (NTNU, Trondheim): “The City as Visual Culture.”


15.00 Coffee Break.


15.30 Roundtable Discussion: ”Pluralizing Visual Culture.”

Participants: Keith Moxey, Matthias Bruhn, Gunhild Borggreen (University of Copenhagen), Nina Lager Vestberg (NTNU, Trondheim). Chair: Asbjørn Grønstad.


In this discussion we hope to address a series of issues that arise in the wake of certain institutional developments (the emergence of ”Visual culture” environments across universities in the United States and Europe): Is there a distinctively European tradition of Visual Culture – and what are its antecedents, current manifestations, and prospects? In what ways might this tradition be conceived as different from the dominant Anglo-American one? How does one resolve the inevitable tensions between the local and the global in visual culture studies? How could a European visual culture studies be capable of confronting the vast plurality of visual objects and experiences in a postnational context?

17.30 Keynote Lecture: Keith Moxey (Ann Whitney Olin Professor of Art History, Barnard College): "Bruegel's Opacity: Between Presence and Meaning."


20.00 Dinner (Spisekroken).


Practical information: There will be a registration fee of NKR 500 for presenters (to be payable upon registration), which includes accomodation for two nights (at Terminus) as well as dinner on Friday and lunch and dinner on Saturday.




Contact information:

Asbjørn Grønstad

Øyvind Vågnes