16.10.12 - 16.10.12

Transmedial and Transcultural Aesthetics in Japan Media Arts

Abstract: In Japan, the interwoven systems of communication, transport, and information and the commercially- industrially-culturally compressed spaces of the metropoles, like Tokyo, have created super-density as new cultural form of the present. In this environment, complex crossings of medial and cultrual elements create new mediascapes that encourage dialogue across borders, between us and the machine, the past and the present, the real and the virtual, and so forth. In respect, the installation works by Seiko Mikami , Sota Ichikawa and Masaki Fuhihata respond with perceptual environments to quotidian experience with high density and lack of individual space. Participytory-nteractive installations  invite us to engage in close encounter with the measuring and moving tools of the installation. In this human-machine-interrelationship, we will experience the architectural and landscape environment as mulitlayered and changeable and also achieve a sense of each other via technology. The technological environment becomes a perceptual space, which instigates awareness and self-awareness of our own.

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