12.04.10 - 12.04.10

The Third Nomadikon Meeting: New Screen Ecologies

Keynote speaker: D.N. Rodowick

Bergen, Norway, April 12 2010

Venue: University of Bergen, Department of Information Science and Media Studies, Lauritz Meltzers Hus (room 904), Fosswinckelsgate 6.


The notion of "new screen ecologies" suggests a host of often complex and interrelated issues, such as the adaptability of film to a new media environment, the question of a digital ontology, the cinematic imagination, transmediality, film's relation to the other arts, convergence, post-filmic cinephilia, the reterritorialization of cinema within the gallery and the art world, the future of film theory and screen education, the influence of film concepts and theory on visual culture, to name just a few.

The third Nomadikon meeting will address a set of problems pertaining to the ongoing reconfiguration of cinema and the cinematic in contemporary visual culture. The transformation of film from a photographic to a digital medium entails a rethinking of its ontological status. Yet we should be careful not to reduce cinema to a question of materiality, as it also constitutes a particular mode of sensation, an apparatus of observation, a form of perception, an aesthetic reservoir, a system of interpretation, a philosophical praxis, a conceptual toolbox, a corpus of individual works, an intertextual archive, an academic discipline, a field of research, and a scientific discourse.



12.00        Welcome

12.10        D.N. Rodowick (Harvard University):

                  The (Fading/Future) Memory of Film.

13.15        Arild Fetveit (University of Copenhagen):

                  When the Medium of Film Migrates to a

                  Digital Platform.

14.00        Coffee and refreshments.

14.30        Henrik Gustafsson (University of Bergen):

                  Screen, Site and Scenery.

15.15        Tonje Sørensen (University of Bergen):

                  Creating a Visual Representation of the Past.

16.00        Coffee break.

16.15        Asbjørn Grønstad (University of Bergen):

                  Archives of Violence.

17.00        Eivind Røssaak (National Library):

                  Film in New Media.

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